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Keypoints Before Purchase

  • Remember that psychedelic substances are illegal in most jurisdictions.
  • If you have physical or mental health issues, speak to a sympathetic doctor before experimenting with psychedelics. People with a history of psychosis or bipolar disorder are usually not allowed to participate in psychedelic research trials because they face heightened risks.
  • Ensure you are in a physically safe, controlled environment. Always start with a low dose.
  • Don’t take psychedelic drugs on your own. Find an experienced guide or therapist whom you trust.
  • Use word of mouth at psychedelic societies and elsewhere to source psychedelic substances safely, and use online testing kits to ensure their quality. Alternatively, for greater safety, consider signing up to a research trial conducted at a university.
  • Remember the importance of set and setting. Work with a guide who will help you prepare for your psychedelic journey, sit with you during the experience, and conduct integration with you for several weeks or months afterwards.